Siding Repair vs. Siding Replacement in Wheaton, IL

Deciding on when it’s time for a siding repair or getting a siding replacement is a common consideration among homeowners. There are certain things to think about, like how long siding lasts, whether your siding replacement in Wheaton, IL is even possible, and knowing when those small siding repairs have become a big enough problem to just go with a siding replacement. You also need to consider if you can do it yourself or if you need to call siding contractors in Wheaton, IL.

Here are some things to keep in mind that will help you make the right decision:

Yes, siding repair in Wheaton, IL is possible. But it’s not really repairs that you are doing because each repair is just a small-scale siding replacement. So siding repair is simply a replacement of a small section of siding rather than replacing all the siding on the building.

How much siding damage is there? A rule of thumb that many siding companies in Wheaton, IL work by is if more than half of the siding is damaged, it’s best to do a full siding replacement. This rule should be combined with your budget, the overall age of your siding, and how long you intend to stay in your current home to make the right choice.

There are many types of siding. Whether you go with a siding replacement or a siding repair in Wheaton, IL, may depend on the type of siding you already have.

Siding replacement is not as simple as you might think, so take care in doing it yourself. You can do a good job on your siding installation in Wheaton, IL if you know exactly what you’re doing. If you don’t have the right experience, you are guessing on what to do, or you have more than a small amount of siding to replace, it’s best to call the professional siding companies in Wheaton, IL to handle it for you.  It is not recommended that you do a fiber cement siding replacement on your own, as this material is likely to break when mishandled.

Call professional siding contractors in Wheaton for expert advice. When in doubt about replacing or repairing your siding, it’s time to speak with someone who has experience. Have a siding inspection completed by certified siding contractors in Wheaton, IL.