Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Siding – Advices from G&Z Siding Contractors Wheaton, IL

As a homeowner, you want to ensure that you are getting high-quality siding installation with beautiful design and color to keep your home protected. But it is the proper color selection that can help your home appeal and stand out from the crowd. At G&Z Siding Contractors, we understand how important the aesthetic of your home interior is. Here are some essential tips from our siding contractors in Wheaton for selecting the perfect color for your home.

Take a look around the neighborhood: Taking in the color schemes of the home you love is the first step when choosing or deciding on a siding color. Observe houses in your area, especially the ones that have a similar style as yours. Pay attention to your neighborhood’s home for emerging patterns. You want your home to stand out and fit at the same time. Choose the color and trim that you like and will complement your home’s style and size. 

Consider your home’s architecture: Your home’s architecture can provide visual cues to guide you in choosing the right color for your siding. Certain home styles lend to specified color palettes. For example, colonial homes are usually painted in a single and classical color. Other home styles may offer more freedom when it comes to colors. Make sure to maintain the integrity of your style through color sections.  

Consider your favorite color and check how it looks at different times of the day: The perfect color for your siding doesn’t have to be complicated. Colors can make your home feel like a personal statement. But make sure that you check how your siding color will look in various light conditions throughout the day. Colors like brick foundations won’t change in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Make sure to call G&Z Siding Contractors if you need help with your siding replacement or siding repair in Wheaton.