Common Needs for Siding Repair in Wheaton, IL

When your siding experiences these issues, consider a siding replacement in Wheaton:


Moisture: Siding is meant to keep moisture out. But when old or damaged, even if it’s not obvious, moisture can cause serious issues, no matter what kind of siding you have. Look for signs of warping or buckling in your siding.


Poor Maintenance Habits: Most siding companies in Wheaton market their products as low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean no maintenance at all. Develop a regular maintenance schedule with your professional siding contractors in Wheaton to ensure a long life for your siding.


Bad Siding Installation: Not all siding contractors are like G&Z Siding Contractors. Some don’t have the skills and experience for a proper siding replacement in Wheaton, which can dramatically limit its lifespan.


Roof Issues: A failing roof, which may include loose shingles, tends to allow moisture to penetrate into the lower layers, and even into your siding. This can be a serious concern to your entire structure resulting in the need for more than just siding repair in Wheaton.


Weather: It doesn’t take much for hail to damage your siding. Any debris blown into your siding by wind can be a hazard requiring siding repair or siding replacement in Wheaton.


Fading: Exposure to UV-rays from the sun can cause fading in most things, siding included. While siding manufacturers do a great job of counteracting this, there is only so much they can do. In the long-run, siding can become discolored and blotchy, and only siding replacement in Wheaton can fix it.