Things To Consider Before Siding Installation Wheaton, Il

Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, there are four major things to consider before you proceed. These considerations will help you determine the best siding material for your property. 


If you are getting a new siding installation in Wheaton for your home, you might as well opt for a durable siding. Look for a siding option with the material resistant to various elements like rain, wind, and sun. At G & Z Siding Contractors, we can build you a strong siding that preserves it color and stays durable even under strong sun exposure.

Design & Color

It can be overwhelming to choose the right style and color for your siding and it is our job to help you. We have a wide array of colors and styles you can choose from, depending on the material you prefer. Our siding contractors in Wheaton can assist you in determining the best siding option for your residential property. Call us!


Maintenance plays a huge role in the durability of your siding. Each material requires a different level of care and maintenance. Our vinyl siding requires only regular cleaning, with no painting, staining, or caulking necessary. Feel free to consult our vinyl siding contractors in Wheaton for vinyl siding installation or repair. Meanwhile, wood and fiber cement need repainting every five to seven years. The more durable the material you choose, the less maintenance it requires.


As the last major factor, you should have sufficient budget to afford a professional siding repair, siding replacement, or installation in Wheaton. You can consult us at G & Z Siding Contractors to help you with the budget, project timeline, and other matters you need to prepare before we begin the work. We provide excellent results among siding companies in the Wheaton area.