How Much Time Does James Hardie Siding Wheaton, IL Last?

When talking about durability, James Hardie siding is very likely to be stone or brick and should endure for the lifetime of your property. Siding installation Wheaton using James Hardie fiber cement can last for 30 years not prorated and has a transferable warranty which is proof of how reliable this material can be as a siding material.

What’s the reason for James Hardie Siding Material being so durable?

Professional siding companies Wheaton recommend using fiber cement siding as is made using cement that’s fortified with sand and cellulose to increase its durability. Due to fiber cement and its special curing process, and thanks to that’s less probably to break or crack and is resistant to moisture. That denotes that you can avoid the hassle of fixing damaged siding, and you omit the issues related to mold, wood rot, mildew, or other kinds of moisture penetration. James Hardie fiber cement withstands heavy storms, high winds, and hail damage.


Since vinyl siding dissolves in fire, and wood siding can turn combustible, James Hardie fiber cement siding doesn’t add up to a house fire.

Baked color

According to expert siding contractors like G&Z Siding Contractors, other siding materials can face and lose their color with time, but James Hardie siding keeps the color so your house looks gorgeous for years. Fade-resistant, UV-resistant, baked James Hardie color will maintain your house appearance gorgeously.

Atmospheric conditions defined

Trim materials and James Hardie siding are designed for the climate. They’re done specially for your location, taking into account the necessary protection for the weather of your region.

Stiff Texture

Viny siding is just 03” thick, James Hardie siding is ½-inch thick and resists high winds, blowing debris, and hail. Vinyl is empty under this, instead, fiber cement is thick and not remotely empty. Fiber cement is thick as wood house siding and provides the look of wood (without wood’s excessive maintenance)